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Raised from the dead.

I recently came across some older portraits from the late 90’s that I shot while I was the photographer for the New Times Weekly in Phoenix. Each of these was shot on film. It was a fantastic experience working at that newspaper, and some of the stories I had the opportunity to work on were an absolute blast. I shot mostly with a Mamiya RZ-67 (medium format), sometimes with an old Graflex (4×5), but for the bulk of assignments, and for more spontaneous work, I kept a couple of Canon AE-1’s in my bag.

I had incredible freedom in this job. I did my own b/w film processing and printing, and I sometimes would cut up negatives, re-configure them, crudely tape them together, and then make a contact print, which would be the final image that they ran in the paper.

The job turned out to be nothing short of exhausting, but I will never forget what a wild, fun, unique experience it was.

ryan mcnamara floor

rev strong and family portfolio



todd mcfarlane jpeg
dr. finkel - portfolio

quincy ross - mosdef

carlos tarin color 2

mark tarbell



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